Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Suki Sushi @ Shaw Plaza

Crime scene: Suki Sushi
Location: Shaw Plaza
Ambience: 2.4/5
Food: 3.3/5
Service: Mediocre/Satisfactory/Good/Excellent

You must be wondering what a West-dweller like me was doing at Shaw Plaza. Apparently, one of Boyfriend’s good friend lives in the vicinity, and the boys just happened to be craving for some good food at affordable prices. So we dropped by Suki Sushi @ Shaw Plaza for lunch.
Past dining experiences @ Suki Sushi have taught me how to pick my food – that is, piping hot from the kitchen and not from the conveyor belt. This rule applies especially to weekday diners who are uninterested to know how long has that piece of unagi they’ve just bellied been rotating around the restaurant.

You’d guess that it’s the Boyfriend who ordered this when it involves Teriyaki, chicken and rice. It’s a sure winner, this combination of grilled chicken thigh served atop a generous portion of sticky japonica rice and onion omelette, and drizzled over with japanese teriyaki sauce. Tabetai-yo!

 Apparently the boys couldn’t get over their obsession with Mentaiko, or what the gourmet dictionary calls pollock roe. So each of them had 4 Mentaiko-topped, torched-to-brown clams to complement their main courses.

The Agedashi Tofu (fried tofu) lived up to my expectations; the sauce wasn’t too salty, neither did the tofu disintegrate between my chopsticks. It would go nicely with sake and Zaru Soba.

 Last but not least was my ramen. I’m impressed with the soup base, which was evidently made by boiling pork bones with unique Japanese condiments to achieve a rich and cloudy soup base. The wakamae, naruto and boiled egg made my day. :)

Eat where:360 Balestier Road
#04-01 Shaw Plaza - Twin Heights

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