Sunday, January 17, 2010

Spagetti-too @ IMM [Closed]

Crime scene: Spagetti-too @ IMM
Food ordered: Aglio Olio, Vegetarian Pasta, Nachos, iced coffee
Ambience: 3.4/5
Food: 3.4/5
Service: Mediocre/Satisfactory/Good/Excellent

If you’re scouring this food blog of this missus looking for vegetarian options, you’re in luck. Boyfriend and I have recently been on a vegetarian diet (some of his ‘great’ buddies call this ‘eating grass’), so after-school dates at IMM got tricky, since we’re fully aware that there’s no fully vegetarian F&B outlet. We had to look for options, then.
Then I remembered dining at Spagetti-too, this small franchise from the Spageddies people, just about a year ago. Then, I was impressed by the affordable prices of the menu items and the cosiness of the dining area. So Boyfriend’s gotta try it this time round. :)

And there are veggie options on the menu for almost every item category. *Impressed* In the end, we settled for an Aglio Olio ($3.90), a Vegetarian Pasta ($5.90), Nachos (2.20) and Boyfriend grabbed an Iced Coffee ($1.20).

We loved the Aglio Olio with a capita letter L. :) And, hey, I totally forgot about asking for Tabasco sauce! Yes, it’s no doubt oily, but what’s good italian pasta without the slick layer of fragrant olive oil coating every single Penne pasta with such great consistency?

This was an accident, but it was great munchies throughout our eat-and-talk session. I just hope it hadn’t been immersed in oil and fried. Thank God I hadn’t been the one to witness the belly-cruel process.

Oh. I’d pick Aglio Olio over this, though it’s still good food at this price; food courts should be ashamed for charging those exhorbitant prices for gunks of pasta, when those peeps at Spagetti-too price their delectable and customizable pastas at wallet-friendly prices. Back to the veggie pasta, it’ll be a less oily alternative to Aglio Olio, plus it’s loaded with sweet garden produce like fresh button mushroom, carrots, juicy bell peppers and herb. Yum.
Best of all? We spent around $13 feeding two hungry and lovelorn undergraduates. The service crew were pretty polite, and we were left alone most of the time, and we appreciated it.

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