Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Taiyaki @ ION

Flash flood day! I think Singapore probably recorded one of the highest volumes of rainfall today, one that turned the junction outside ION Orchard into a massive watering hole. But nothing dampens the foodie’s search for tummylicious gourmet food!

I’ve had taiyaki from The Taiyaki @ ION Orchard on several occasions, and have been impressed by the original Azuki filling one, with smooth Azuki paste nestled in a crispy pancake shell. A return to The Taiyaki beside Gindako (they’ve shifted to accomodate a larger Gindako) saw a cut in their savoury taiyaki, but I did pocket a new gem.

Sakura Mochi Taiyaki

It looks like any other ordinary taiyaki, with its fish-shaped waffle shell.
Until you take the first bite… and then a second…

It wasn’t spoofy! They really had a Sakura leaf inside, with mochi balls and mildly sweet pink filling which tastes like sweet potato. And for S$1.80, it was a steal!

Ambience: N.A.
Food: 3.8/5
Price: $
Service: Mediocre/Satisfactory/Good/Excellent

Eat where:
The ION @ Orchard, #B4-62/63
Operating hours: 10am to 10pm, daily

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