Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New York New York @ E!Hub [Closed]

Crime scene: New York New York
Location: E!Hub, Downtown East
Ambience: 4.3/5
Food: 3.5/5
Service: Mediocre/Satisfactory/Good/Excellent

I’m back from a HHUGGEE hiatus! Exams, exams and exams have been killing my braincells at an incredulous rate, so nothing beats a short vacation away from the hustle and bustle of city life and the Internet. Oh, and good food, of course!

First night’s dinner was at New York New York, located at the ground floor of E!Hub @ Downtown East. Since Boyfriend and I were vegging out this vacation (weird choice I know), there were limited choices on the menu for us. NYNY is, after all, well-known for its myriad of meaty mains and to-die-for desserts. So Boyfriend and I decided to share a drink, Fajita melts and veggie pasta (the only obvious vegetarian option).

Order Apple Cooler only if you 1. have loads of cash to spare and wouldn’t mind splurging 6-7 bucks on soda water with apple syrup or 2. have a heroin-like addiction to apple cooler. Apart from that, there is absolutely no excuse to squander money away like this.

 I forgot what the called this on the menu, but it’s just aglio olio with mushrooms and capsicums, and they charged $9.90 for this. FOR THIS! The price asides, it actually tasted pretty decent, although I had added a splash of Tabasco sauce to up the flavour of the olive oil.

We had actually ordered this by mistake, but the Fajita chips redeemed themselves with a crispy first bite and soft sliced mushrooms on the inside. The salsa was bland, and I had to prevent myself from emptying the bottle of Tabasco sauce into the salsa. I could make better salsa than that.

Service: For a Sunday night, NYNY was suprisingly quiet, with only about 5 table of diners. I probably won’t sit in a booth anymore, simply because it’s excruciating to try and catch the attention of the waiters. But they provided free flow of water which they constantly topped up, so it was a plus point for Boyfriend and I. Our final bill for the 3 items came up to S$35, and I’m still feeling sore about it.

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