Sunday, September 27, 2009

Read this.

I’m surprised anyone reads this blog at all.

“To eat is to live.”

I ursurped the adage long ago.

DON’T come here to look for food if you don’t live in Singapore, because I’m glued to this place for good. If I happen to go overseas, I’ll probably post under another additional tag. So the point is, I blog. ALOT. And owing to the fact that I litter my blog with huge pixeled photos, I don’t think I’m doing justice to people who read my personal blog and still suffer the consequence of slow loading. So this blog’s primarily for my escapades concerning food and retail therapy.

I’m NOT OBJECTIVE. Take it or leave it. And don’t try to sue me because I’m throwing your stuff down the Eiffel Tower. This is a blog, and I’m protected by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. If you disagree with my words, post a comment stating your point. Defamation is NOT cool.

I accompany every post with pictures taken either by myself, friends, family, or from attributed sources. I’m an advocate for Creative Commons, and I would apreciate it if you could drop me a note if you were to use my photos for your own non-commercial use.

I’m a schoolgirl, I have my grouses, and I complain.

So that’s all for the time being, I’ll probably edit this space if I’ve got more junk to add.

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