Friday, June 28, 2013

Bibigo @ NEX

So... we were looking for a late lunch option.

  Tofu Hot Stone Bibimbap with Kohot Sauce, $16
After having tasted a great variety of authentic fare during my maiden trip to S.Korea, I've raised the bar for anything boasting the "Made in Korea" tag. Did Bibigo pass the taste test?

The first thing I noticed about Bibigo was its bespoke menu - the clean layout and clear write-up makes it is easy to decide on what and how to order. Just pick your favourite type of rice, meat and sauce, and you're good to go.

I stuck to the only vegetarian option on the menu - apparently Koreans aren't huge fans of vegetables - only so because I wanted an extra spicy lunch. My Tofu Hot Stone Bibimbap came with 2 packets of hot sauce to my utter delight, and I was tossing the sticky brown and white rice around in the scorching stone bowl and listening to the delightful sizzling of my lunch. I like my bibimbap mixture to be slightly gooey and unbearably ugly, so the extra packet of hot sauce was a saviour.

Spicy pork with Citron soy sauce
The results were... alright. I can't see myself harbouring an intense craving for Bibigo's version of bibimbap, and I trust that any discerning foodie wouldn't too. The soy bean sprouts, chives and raw egg yolk that spell an authentic bibimbap were missing, and that killed a large part of the flavour that I was searching for. Plus the stone pots were non-stick pots which did not allow the rice at the bottom to form a beautiful brown and crispy crust. GAH.

Keep your eyes peeled for their ice-topped sodas - they marry well with the hot stone rice.

The NEX Branch was running a lunch set promotion during our visit for $9.90 onwards for hot stone rice to combat heated competition from its adjacent neighbours, so it's always a good spot for an affordable and healthy meal. But the taste test? They'll have to match up to their counterpart at Kim Dae Mun first, who offer a lot more quality for a lot less.

Eat where:
Bibigo @ NEX
23 Serangoon Central
NEW Shopping Mall
Singapore 556083

Operating hours:
11.30am - 10pm

Website (Specific to NEX Branch):

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