Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dallas Restaurant & Bar @ Boat Quay

Happy Valentine's Day!

Every year, Boyfriend and I would take turns to plan our anniversary and Valentine's Day itinerary since both dates are quite close to each other. Having factored in the limitation of V-day falling on a working day, I wanted everything to be memorable, including dinner.

Dallas Signature Platter (clockwise from top-left: crab and corn fritters, salt and pepper calamari, chicken quesadillas)
Dallas provided me with the perfect solution with a fulfilling dining experience, all the way from the moment we step in until the very last morsel.

Breathtaking view without breaking the bank? Checked.

The balcony seating was a tad pricier but, for the exclusiveness and great evening view, it's worth every single cent. You'll see what I mean when it comes to the night photos.

Don't worry that you'll have to wait til the next V-day to taste everything here; you can check out the restaurant's menu on their Facebook page, as they have a new spread every month, including the dishes here. The Dallas Signature Platter (above), for example, is available everyday. Great combo, although it isn't very pescetarian-friendly. Boyfriend savoured everything to the very last bite, and cleaned his fork in wait of the next dish. The crab fritters amazed me especially - you'll find REAL crab meat and the occasional corn bit packed tightly into a golden brown nugget which was ol' so tempting, even to me.

Crab and corn fritters - hungry, no?
We were served Jacob's Creek Pinot Brut sparking wine, which was slightly disappointing; I should have brought along our favourite Moscato and paid any corkage fee for that extra spark.

I've read about people begging for Lobster Bisque on Dallas' Facebook page, so I was dying to find out if it lived up to the fervent requests, even if it meant deviating from my usual palate.

I really wished they had creamed the surface in a more appealing manner. Oh well. But mix it all in to get a creamy vermillion-colored soup and it wouldn't look so unappetizing. Surprisingly, the soup was good - the smooth consistency made me forget it was lobster. The ciabatta that came with it was cold and forgettable, though.

BBQ Barramundi (Baby back ribs in the background)
I HEART Dallas' version of Barramundi - crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside. Like seabass, barramundi has a flaky texture, so it's pretty tricky to prepare by grilling because the meat would all break apart if the fish was overcooked. The peeps at Dallas didn't have this issue, though. The serving was just right for the ladies and those with small appetites. Compared to the baby back ribs ordered by Boyfriend, which as piled full with a huge slab of honey-glazed ribs and potato wedges, the serving size of my barramundi was a far cry. Oh, speaking of the ribs - they're the favourites in the house, apparently. Would have been perfect if he has a Cascade Light to go with it.

By the time we ordered coffee and dessert (brownie and cheesecake), the sun had set and the night lights had come up on the CBD skyline. I was wonderstruck.

The balcony seat gave us a spectacular view of the Boat Quay Conservation Area at night - one of the main reasons why I HAD to get those balcony seats.

... and the Fullerton.

The complimentary rose was a lovely touch against the candlelight, though I didn't bring it back. 

Coffee was served with a chocolate-coated strawberry. While this could be easily replicated in the comfort of one's home, I could never get this kind of lighting. :)

In terms of service, the crew was friendly and attentive, though it was a little difficult to catch their attention when you're dining on the outside and the waiters are stationed on the inside. Their signature items such as the baby back ribs have also faced comparison with their counterparts at Tony Roma's or The Garden Slug (on my visit), but this place would beat its competitors hands-on in terms of ambience. Perhaps they could have gone the extra mile by suggesting suitable beers to go with the various mains, so that Boyfriend could have a beer to go with his ribs and a sweet ice wine for my Barramundi.

Ambience: 5/5
Food: 3.8/5
Price: $$ - $$$
Service: Poor/Satisfactory/Good/Excellent

Eat where:
31 Boat Quay
Tel: 65322131

Recommended: Barramundi, Baby Back Ribs

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