Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Eat Shop Blog: Taipei chapter 2

Here's the second part of my foodie experience in Taipei. After spending the first half of the trip thronging through the various night markets, we decided to hunt for more sit-down-and-eat outlets to rest our battered feet.

4. Qing Guang Yi Mian
Within walking distance from Zhong Shan Elementary School station

This stall is located in the Qing Guang Market, a walking distance from Zhong Shan Elementrary School Station. Their handmade noodles aren't the Yi Mian (fried yellow noodle cakes) you find in Singapore; the chewy texture of the thin noodles is strangely addictive, and the bean sprouts and meat sauce sitting atop the noodles provided a sweet aftertaste. You can also order their braised water tofu, which is surprisingly soft (I wonder how they even stew it), as well as their braised meat rice.

5. Fu Hang Soybean milk
Just beside Shandao Station

After tasting what Yong He Dou Jiang Da Wang had to offer, my expectations of Fu Hang only escalated; I didn't think anyone else could make soybean milk like they do.

I thought wrong.

With equally competitive prices, there was already a 20-man queue when we got there around 8am, and many more already tucking in their warm breakfast.

Apart from offering both sweet and salty soybean milk, Fu Hang also has rice milk, which is a fragrant broth of rice milk and peanut. While I found the salty soybean milk a tad too laden with soy sauce, I totally adored the flat bread and fried dough fritters. One must-try is their sweet bread (甜饼), which is filled with a lightly sweetened malt filling.

I'm sure many have had their run-ins with great food in Taiwan - what I have tasted is just the tip of the iceberg, leaving many stones unturned. Taiwanese street food, in particular, seems to evolve along with the weather. Hopefully, the weather will be slightly warmer the next time I pay a visit to Taiwan, so that I can savour the another season's food palette.

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