Friday, July 22, 2011

Home-made papaya and white fungus soup

Crime scene: The eatshopblogger's kitchen
Food in question: Home-made papaya and white fungus soup

I have been sussing through recipes from Jack’s mum, and I came across this particular recipe which reminded me so much of my late grandmother. It reminds me of the piping hot dessert served from a simmering pot over a charcoal stove, right in the hearth of my grandmother’s kitchen. This dessert was just one of the many delectable culinary delights crafted with my grandmother’s love for her children and grandchildren.

Oh, how I miss her.

So I had to make this, with the desperate hope of finding a shadow of her cooking in myself.
Serves 10 (half the recipe for a smaller portion)
2 large dried white fungus clusters
1 large papaya, half-ripe
3 tablespoons sweet almonds, washed
2 tablespoons bitter almonds, washed
200g rock sugar (amount varies according to preference)
10 cups water
1. Soak the white fungus clusters in tap water overnight or 3 hours at the very least. Trim away the dark yellow base of the clusters with kitchen scissors and separate into small, bit-size clusters.

2. Fill a slow-cooking pot with 10 cups (or more) of water. Add almonds and white fungus in and cook on HIGH power for 2 hours.
3. Skin papaya and cut into bite-size portions. Add papaya and rock sugar into the pot and leave on HIGH for 2 hours. Switch to LOW heat and adjust the sweetness according to one’s preference. Leave on LOW for another 2 hours and switch off. Serve hot or cold. Refrigerate leftovers for a cold alternative.

Find out the benefits of white fungus here.

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