Monday, August 16, 2010

Have you OUAM-ed? @ Maxwell Chambers

While on internship 2 months ago, my ‘ship mates introduced me to an indulgence – Once Upon A Milkshake. So we decided to extend our own lunch break (oops!) and visited OUAM @ Maxwell Chambers. It was like someone just lit an itch on me.

So I brought Boyfriend there one lazy afternoon, and he had a pleasant surprise.
OUAM (pronounced as OHM), whose branches sit at the Maxwell Chambers and *SCAPE, serve up 11 delectable flavours of ice-cream and smooth milkshakes. This includes the new Powderful Milosaurus, which is available from 13 August 2010 onwards, in conjunction with the Youth Olympic Games. The menu offers a step-by-step, simple-to-follow instruction guide to order your ice-cream or milkshake. Boyfriend went for their Grumbling Raisins milkshake (S$3.60 onwards), which is a smooth concoction of a single scoop of OUAM Rum n’ Raisin ice-cream and milk. He was complaining that the milkshake was too viscous to suck up the straw. LOL. But he loved the taste of it. I remembered liking it so much, I couldn’t bear to finish it until 4pm back at the office. Having tasted their milkshake on my maiden trip there, I went for a single scoop of Litchi Otokonoko, which is actually lychee-flavoured OUAM ice-cream.

The decor of the milkshake parlour @ Maxwell Chambers was simple and clean; it adhered neatly to the purple-and-white colour scheme of OUAM, and screamed “neat-freak!” in your face. The service was great, because you simply ordered and sat to wait for your sinful indulgences to be delivered to you. And you could request for a carrier should you, like me, wish to save your milkshake til later. Just remember to clear up after your dessert.

Ambience: 3.7/5 (Can get quite rowdy when packed)
Food: 3.4/5
Price: $
Service: Mediocre/Satisfactory/Good/Excellent (depends on who serves you that particular day)

Eat where:
Venue/s: Maxwell Chambers (Also at *SCAPE Youth Park)

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